I am a photographer who loves street photography. I like human faces and to see the small ordinary things in life in a different context.

My aims are to produce emotive photographs conveying the realities and diversities of human life. I live in Copenhagen, and one can often find me out on the streets trying to capture the beauty of everyday life.

Sometimes I take candid pictures, without permission from the subject, sometimes I ask for it. Depends on the situation, maybe it will spoil the moment, maybe happens to fast. But my own personal rule is to not publish pictures I wouldn't like to be a part of. 

For more information on my work, or to just sat hello, please feel free to get in touch.

Quick bio

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, living in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I am a late bloomer... but pictures and story telling have allways been a part of my life - more than 25 years working with TV productions.

My daughter is an Art Photographer, and she inspired me to take photography seriously. A link to her work: www.natashapenaguiao.com

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